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Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinders

MR Hydraulics are a leading industry at the forefront of the UK when it comes to manufacturing bespoke hydraulic cylinders. We understand the importance of hydraulic cylinders and the crucial role they play in the leading industries of today. For this reason we insist on delivering an excellent service to customers as well as ensuring our products meet the high standard and skilled craftsmanship that we are proud to put our name on.

Our designers manufacture bespoke cylinders to provide an individual solution for your specific requirements; whilst also ensuring the delivery of excellent lead times to save you money on costly downtimes.

We design and manufacture cylinders for some of the world’s most advanced industries. Customers from offshore, nuclear, oil & gas and renewable industries choose MR Hydraulics to design & manufacture bespoke hydraulic cylinders for a vast array of applications. With all design, technical and production facilities in-house, the MR Hydraulics team provides a focussed, flexible custom design service.

  • Every bespoke design is tailored to your specific specification
  • Protection available for harsh conditions using innovative coatings
  • Cylinders are available using a wide range of valve applications.

MR Hydraulics provides a comprehensive experience when designing and manufacturing bespoke cylinders. Our expert design team will specifically tailor cylinder to meet your exact specifications that will best serve the desired application. We are fully-able to start working on existing hydraulic cylinders and carry out modifications in order to improve their overall design and innovation; ensuring you’re never restricted to a standard design or specification.

It’s this focus on flexibility and innovation that’s led to MR Hydraulics technical advances and innovations in applied hydraulics. Whatever the application, our experienced team will provide you with a product with quality and reliability built in.

We serve an ever-expanding list of clients in a diverse range of industries. You’ll find MR Hydraulics supplied hydraulic cylinders in the construction, oil and gas, automotive, agricultural, environmental, mining, forestry, access work platforms and material handling sectors. This wide range of experience means that we understand your needs and applications.

If you’re looking for an application which requires a custom designed solution, we can help.